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About Our Work

For over 30 years, gourded Santa art has been a continual project Eleanor Barrett has been putting energy into. With a firm work ethic and a strong desire to bring happiness to the community, Eleanor has never skimmed on quality. Each gourd is hand-painted, and no two gourds are exactly the same.

One Of a Kind Holiday Ornaments

These beautiful works of art are ready to find homes where they will be on display. Don't see one that you want? Visit the "Contact Us" section and let us know what you would like made! We love custom orders, as they allow us to make Santas that are both unique and personal.


Santa Gourd #001

Santa Gourd #002

Santa Gourd #003

Wooden Santa #001

Wooden Santa #002

Wooden Santa #003

Our Mission

Our mission, above everything else, is to put smiles on the faces of community members. We want to bring the Christmas spirit into people's homes in a unique, one-of-a-kind fashion, and these gourds accomplish just that, as no two gourds are exactly the same. We make gourds that aren't just a fun decoration, they're a potential long-lasting member of your family's holiday tradition.

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